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    IBS Schools, Malvern Court, Whittington Road, Worcester, WR5 2RG

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    School Websites

    Design & Build

    Using the skills and experience of staff from IBS Schools, we work with you to design, build and then host and support your school website.

    Using the guidance provided by the DfE, we work with you to ensure that the site is relevant to parents, prospective parents, children, staff and Ofsted teams.

    Using selection of templates and we will work with you to develop the initial content for your web pages.


    When your site goes live, we train your staff to enable them to update and develop the content of your website. Many essential operations are carried out by drag-drop.

    Advice & Support

    Once the site is up and running, IBS Schools staff can carry out changes and enhancements to your website if you require assistance. You can pay for this support either through a bank of hours or through our published hourly charges for technical support. These charges apply to both remote and on-site sessions.

    Help from your Peritech

    If you purchase our Peritech service, you can identify website changes requried and build these into the tasks for your peritech to complete. However, please be aware that this will impact on other tasks they normally carry out for you.

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