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    IBS Schools, Malvern Court, Whittington Road, Worcester, WR5 2RG

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    Our SIMS Training Courses - Click a course to find out more

    For SIMS to make a real difference to your school or academy, you need to understand everything it can do for you. Our training courses offer a wide range of training options specifically designed to help you use SIMS to drive school improvement.

    At IBS Schools we believe that good quality and timely training is essential for the effective use of IT software. We have highly experienced MIS consultants who can offer training and advice in a variety of ways and settings to suit your needs.  Whether it is an offsite training course at our dedicated training suite at Whittington Hall or a bespoke training solution for SLT, we have the solution for you.


    Training need not be out of budget, and that is why a number of our consultancies are included within an IBS Schools SIMS Support Contract as well as subscribers benefiting from a generous discount on our schedule courses.

    New Head Teacher Visits – Included in the SLA to provide an overview of SIMS and how it can be used to better outcomes for pupils within your school

    New School Secretary Visit – Included in the SLA to introduce SIMS and the roles and activities required by this crucial position

    SIMS Health-Check – On request we can provide an overview of SIMS use in your school and identify areas of need and improvement as well as providing a framework to implement and embed the better use of SIMS

    Scheduled SIMS module courses – Chargeable and bookable via My Account, these courses cover the separate modules of the SIMS MIS and provide essential tips and tricks to work effectively yet efficiently with the software

    SIMS Consultancies – Support in rolling out new implementations of Timetables, Behaviour Plans, SEN provisions, SIMS usage in the classroom and many other modules

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