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    Sophos Central - The big change is coming


    Sophos Endpoint is changing, and we are changing with it. From the 31st August 2019 the onsite Antivirus solution will be migrated to a new cloud platform, Sophos Central. This will bring the power of the cloud to your antivirus solution, adding new features and keeping you safe from potential threats. This solution is still included in your Broadband support contract with us so there is no cost implication to your school.

    Why is Sophos moving to the cloud?

    What to do next

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    What does this mean?

    After the 31st August 2019, licenses for the on-site platform will no longer be eligible for updates from Sophos, therefore you need to migrate your installation to the cloud version before then. Any machines running the “old” client after this date will be increasingly vulnerable to infection.

    Sophos Central offers a number of improvements over the on-premise solution, such as:

    • No burden on the school to host and maintain a server instance
    • Cleaner, more intuitive dashboard
    • Easily report on all aspects of Sophos security within your environment
    • Proactive monitoring from the IBS Schools Technical Team
    • Always up to date and secure, regardless of location
    • Improved visibility of your network estate
    • Centralised console for bolt-on Sophos products, such as Ransomware protection

    If you have an IBS Schools Peritech then you don’t need to do anything; your migration from an on-site setup to the cloud is already well underway.


    If you have your own in-house technician or use alternative 3rd party support then you should show them this information so they can start planning for the migration. As your support provider, they will be best placed to carry out the migration, but the IBS Schools Technical Team are here to assist where needed. To get things started they should contact the IBS Schools Service Desk and request their school is enabled for Sophos Central. A member of our Technical Team will then create your school site within the Sophos Central dashboard and will send out the documentation for completing the migration.